Our Mission

About DTOM 22/0

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Foundation. DTOM is a military acronym that stands for Dont Tread On Me. The meaning dates back to before the founding of our nation, when in 1775 the Navy used it as the first Navy Jack. The 22 stands for the recognized average of 22 Veterans per day being killed by suicide. The 0 represents our goal. When you add up the average circle of friends and family that affects EVERYDAY is comes to 2,860! With your help, we will work tirelessly to achieve it. We are raising money to buy land and build The DTOM 22/0 Veterans Ranch. As a people, we must come together and find other ways to make this epidemic stop! What is being done now is not enough and we cannot let our heroes be taken from us. Saying "Thank You" is NOT enough. With all they have sacrificed, it is our DUTY to take care of them . This is our plan.