Our Purpose

How we founded this mission and how you can help

As Founder and CEO, I am a 7 year veteran of the United States Navy. After losing my career to an accident, I spent many years feeling lost and struggling with the VA. In that position, a service member not only has to learn to deal with the loss of a career, purpose, comrades and service but also the treatment by the VA itself. Between all of that and trying to figure out my life, I spent a lot of time in a pretty dark place. I started to do some veteran volunteer work and figure it out. At that point,  I wanted to help other veterans get through their own struggles just a little bit easier. Also, to show fellow Vets, there are people that care and there is a place to go where you are needed. So, we formed a team to figure out a way to help #stopthe22aday and help the 22 families being destroyed. We need not only individuals but corporations, working together hand in hand to give back to our heroes that sacrificed so much. Sometimes  "Thank You" is not enough! We need everyday Americans to put their money where their mouth is and to help. Think of where your life would be without the sacrifice of these brave heroes, It is a very small percentage of the population that protects the majority, it's time to give them a hand up and take care of them when they come home! We can no longer send our heroes to fight our battles and when they come home broken just say thank you. Help us, help them!