The Ranch

DTOM 22/0 Veterans Ranch

The Ranch will be in 2 phases, 1st phase will incorporate the Equine Assisted Draper Sensory Method. Using these beautiful animals the veteran will receive this amazing treatment to help relax and be more receptive to more traditional therapies. We are trying to offer more holistic approaches to heal, rather than mask the symptoms with pharmaceutical methods. Volunteer opportunities will be available as well and all at no cost to the Veteran, they have paid the price already. Phase 2 will incorporate building an actual lodge for the veterans to live in, thus giving the veteran a real chance to re-acclimate at their own pace all while surrounded by the comradery of their fellow veterans. The lodge  will consist of 2-person rooms. These will be broken down into male, female and handicap accessible. Total capacity will be up to 32 veterans. There will be a large Great Room for camaraderie and relaxation around the fire. Also, a kitchen, dining room, library/education room, fitness center, laundry room and a nice deck to take in the beautiful outdoors. We will be incorporating various therapy animals and a container farming system. There will be volunteer opportunities; such as local Volunteer Firefighting, Team Rubicon, The Mission Continues and filling other needs in the local community. These opportunities will not only give the Veteran purpose but also teaching new skills all in an effort to #stopthe22aday!